The Boudoir & Pinup Phenomenon

Who knew? As a heterosexual man I am grateful to see women of all ages (and I mean clear into their sixties), wanting to be photographed in a playful, provocative way. Its a part of American and European culture. Vintage Boudoir and nudes are very sought-after art. The pin-up style that started around World War II was an "in- your-face" statement about the changing of the culture's sexuality. When the pin-up girl graced the side of a World War II bomber, I'm sure a few people got their noses bent out of shape, but it was going to happen and finally accepted.


So to my amazement, it's the fastest growing segment in photography. And who's doing this? Women of all walks of life, that's who! Wives, Girl Friends, Newly Divorced women, Executive women, and on and on. So in the right environment and tastefully done, women can have their alter ego, their hidden sexuality, and their repressed bedroom girl brought to light. It is not porn, it is not dirty, and it is not lewd. It is that warm beautiful woman that we don't get to see often enough.


So acphotoandvideo is pleased to be a great vehicle for a client to feel comfortable and to get that certain hidden gem to reveal itself. Whether on location or at the studio, the magic can happen-- and should! It is therapeutic and good for the soul. So as they say, "Just Do It!"