Hello and Welcome to my site! My name is Andrew J Conway and I can tell you I’ve always been fascinated with imagery that moves and you emotionally, physically and spiritually. The artists that came before me throughout time have graced us and shaped us into what we are today. Though I have a spiritual life I know we are stardust from star’s that went supernova long ago. We evolved and can witness the universe and are the only species of this earth that knows this. Yet this Stardust collection that I am can feel touch taste and strangely most of all, Love… And have a Love of Art.


I became a musician at age four when I saw the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show. I knew where I was going right there at that moment. I became a drummer at that moment and had rhythm to everything I do. Rhythm and movement and spirituality in my music and imagery was everywhere. Album art was something that was sacred in the day where you would look over an album cover the whole time listening to a record. I will admit to in the day that there were times I did things to alter my perception. Yes I did break on to the other side to quote Jim Morrison.

So I loved taking pictures and really loved it when I went digital so I could delete all the WTF pictures and develop an eye for when I’ve done something of interest. My last camera before going DSLR was a 12 megapixel Vivitar Point’n’Shoot. bio1One day I was at an art show in Carmel California and came across a Black&White Nude that stunned me.

I stared at it for at least a half an hour. I decided I wanted to do this myself. I ran and still do a recording studio. I told a woman that was recording there and is a friend of mine of my desires and she volunteered. Well it was a complete failure and I decided to reverse engineer everything I did wrong. As I investigated the heavy weights of this genre, I came across a master named Craig Morey and he lived in the San Francisco Bay Area as well. Then I noticed he was hosting a clinic at his Studio so I signed up. Wow, he and model Amber Dawn set a mile stone in my life that I’ll be forever grateful.

I hope all that visit, revisit often as I update the site constantly as I am a restless soul that’s never satisfied and I’m always looking and searching for ways to push the limits. I hope to stir emotions of people and I would love to hear from people from time to time how some of my work moved you. I really would love your comments and I encourage you to write me.

bio3 So I guess I’ll close with my philosophy of that I am the Camera’s Eye and I’ll bring you thing’s we take for granted and didn’t know to slow down and appreciate what was right in front of us. I do manipulate pictures sometimes but when I do it’s to provoke and to stimulate. Black & White is not natural but there’s something in the contrast and when I say “Contrast” I mean it in every sense of the word. See if you can get your brain around this, “Black”… and White……. Live long and prosper.